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All-in-one Play Spaces with Endless Possibilities

Build the ultimate play space and watch imagination and creativity soar!

The Happy Kid Company’s award-winning Fortamajig®, Connectables™ and Fun Fort™ are the ultimate washable, storable, portable and durable all-in-one play spaces.

Kids: Use the Fortamajig line of products to create a four-walled fort, teepee, tunnel, canopy, maze, tent, room divider—you name it! Use it inside or roll it up and take it with you outside—at home, a friend’s house, your grandparents’ house, a slumber party, daycare, kindergarten, school, and more!

Adults: Watch as children use the Fortamajig products to build unique spaces, grow their imagination, expand their creativity, and develop and refine social, fine-motor, team-building, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skill sets.

With no hard pieces to break or lose, The Happy Kid Company’s heirloom-quality products can be used indoors and outdoors—and last for years to come. The Happy Kid Company products are designed to be enjoyed by everyone ages 3+.

• Durable • Portable • Storable • Washable • Versatile • Unique • Fun

Fortamajig: No Batteries. Just Fun, Powered by Imagination.

There was a time when toys did not include batteries, bells, lights or sounds. Afternoons playing with jacks, cards, marbles, or hula hoops were all powered by the thoughts and actions of children. Kids played with their toys and interacted with each other and their surroundings—and didn’t just sit and watch their toys.

The fantastic thing is: Whenever children are re-introduced to these simple play pastimes, they quickly become fascinated, excited, challenged, and enthralled with the pure fun of these activities.

Remember taking every pillow and cushion off the couch to construct a fortress? Maybe you'd raid the linen closet and take all your Mom's best tablecloths outside for an impromptu canopy, under which you’d spend the afternoon daydreaming. The simple joys of building your own space are encapsulated in the design of the Fortamajig toys.

The Happy Kid Company Fortamajig product line marries classic play and modern day practicality.

Now kids can build any fort anywhere—without dirtying or dismantling the couch or linen closet. They can traipse outside with their Fortamajigs without worrying about how to scrub the dirt off afterward—a simple hose off or run through the washing machine takes care of it. With Fortamajig, kids can build and play to their heart’s content and parents can feel great knowing that their children are exploring their worlds and, at the end of the day, creating one-of-a-kind memories that will last a lifetime.