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"The cornerstone of the partner's toy philosophy is to produce playthings that inspire open-ended creative play."— Sudbury Town Crier

Fortamajig products provide myriad practical benefits!

Safety & Sensory
FortThe Happy Kid Company Fortamajig products help to create a safe, familiar environment that provides sensory relief. Children having been diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, autism, or other special needs often benefit from a safe, relaxing, solitary space of their own—which Fortamajigs provide. Children with special needs often rely on the safety and security of the familiar to relax and calm them. Providing spaces for kids who require sensory relief from overstimulation can prove challenging, unless you have a portable Fortamajig.

Because Connectables are so easy to build with, special needs children can help with the actual act of creating their spaces. Diverting their attention to the act of creating a cool hideaway starts the all-important and sometimes critical process of redirecting the awareness of their surroundings and centering it back to a safe, familiar place.

Critical ThinkingCritical Thinking
Often, today's toys do not challenge or engage children in a sequential thought process that involves action and consequence. A main theory behind the design of the Fortamajig line relies on the goal of integrating critical thinking patterns with the act of play. Fortamajig’s versatility is so great that it helps jump-start childrens’ critical thinking. When a child decides to build a fort, they begin to formulate a plan with myriad nuances. First, users decide where they want to build their fort and then move on to how to build it, where to anchor the adjustable loops, and, ultimately, how their space is going to evolve. From design inception to creation, there are no “wrong” ways to construct their special space, so this offers them the freedom for experimentation and discovery. Dynamic play is integral to the experience.

Problem Solving
Children can be architects with the Fortamajig line of toys! As they begin play with a Fortamajig, users brainstorm, test, troubleshoot, and make active design choices to help them create the space they are imagining. Through trial and error, they may decide that structurally, they need to alter or change their creation to map to their original thought. Through the process of building, they may even decide to completely rework their original ideas. Through their own actions, they learn how to initiate, assess, and move forward to discovering effective solutions to the fun "problems" that fort building presents.

Team Building
Take a Fortamajig outside for an afternoon play date with the neighborhood kids and you have instant fun! You also have an incredible team-building toy that fosters creative thinking and collaboration among children and groups of children. As kids convene to decide how their space will look, they work together to achieve this collective goal. The size of the Fortamajig, its impressive number of loops, and many features present all sorts of group decision-making options. The team building does not stop after the space is created—it’s a great stepping stone to an afternoon of inventing fun activities and playtime scenarios in their self-created space.

Social Development
Building forts with Fortamajig is a great way for kids to take control of certain aspects of their life and create a space for their own imaginations to roam. Often the act of building a fort takes on elements of how the child is feeling. Perhaps it's a rainy day and the child wants a space that is cozy and small, where they can snuggle up with a favorite book and Mom. Problem-solving and critical-thinking elements come into play as children learn how to overcome obstacles and create their own sanctuaries.

One of the fundamental elements of childhood is imaginative play. Children learn best when they are simultaneously engaged and entertained. Building and creating play spaces sets the stage for hours of creative play. After their space is erected, they can imagine all sorts of new worlds and activities.